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Ode to the Girl I WAS

I didn't know I was important,

I didn't really matter to me,

I gave my entire self to others,

While not even able to breathe.

I didn't give myself much credit,

I conquered life on many degrees,

I wasted years in the unknown, While unfulfilled and not truly free.

I spent time mastering being alone,

Satisfying my basic need,

I never took the time to discover,

"What's really in this for me. "

I spent money on gifts and treasures,

I adorned others; immaculately,

I appeased all requests for assistance,

And purported "what say thee."

I ignored red flags,

Gave too many second chances,

Created a life without demanding my wants,

Dissuading proper advances.

Then I woke up, And didn't see MoNique!

I recognized at that moment I had unwrapped a layer,

All those years I lost caretaking everyone,

I forgot my most valuable player!

SelfLove is Love

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