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Oh to be Wrong and Strong

Sometimes as humans we are so grossly unaware of how incorrect we are at our approach to do what is right. We display the strongest efforts to ensure that our audience is enlightened to what is going on in our minds and how we feel! In these moments, humans have an innate desire to not be cognizant of their audience's emotions or even the facts at hand.

Driving to Covington, GA from Fort Lauderdale with no passengers with me, took me a little under 8 hours. I used to try to make it in 6, it was my competition with myself for drive time. With others driving with me, it took longer. Depending on how familiar they were with the area, I would be encouraged to stop at various rest stops for bathroom breaks. A myriad of pictures would be taken, sometimes dancing at gas stations to unwind, and of course the occasional uncensored conversations. Any interest I had in beating my record drive time dissipated with each trip involving others. Always took more than 8 hours, but we always had remarkable adventures. But what if I didn't stop, or if I had to, I spent the time rushing the process and complaining? I guarantee it would not be pleasant trips. I was a passenger for one of those once and I never accepted another invitation from that person.

What we do when we can only fathom our insights, our solutions, our perception is miss out on the unknown which could just be a far greater outcome than what we seem to think we are providing. It's like crushing a newspaper without attempting to discover the articles inside because you have convinced yourself that you already know the details. I use the term wrong and strong all the time as I see it constantly.

Humans who declare they are open usually are not. If you want to be open, just be Open. It doesn't have to be validated it just is. When faced with a situation that involves another person who deserves your interest, your compassion, your conscious effort to see them content, happy even, make an attempt to be open. All your fantastic, incredible, thought altering and "right way", "best way" methods will be appreciated and appropriate at other times.

In those times when you have a chance to make a situation not about your solution but, instead about what is best for all involved, and you end up making it about what you want, does it truly make you feel good? Are you winning? And if so, what have you won?

Sometimes it's not about what is right to you, it can just be about letting your passenger enjoy the ride. They chose to take the journey with you, minimize the possibility of them regretting it.

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