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Brittany Jacobs

There are no words to articulate how much I have learned from Nique!  I honestly would not be the person I am today without her wisdom, patience and love.  Her plethora of knowledge is unmatched.  You cannot find a better individual to guide you through this life. 

Candice Lawrence

Great dialogue as always. Wisdom Wednesday is my time to be introspective, laugh, and share life lessons and insights with others.  Can't wait til the next week for the next one.

I love you and everything you are ! I’m truly blessed to have crossed paths in life and get to share your knowledge, comedy, and nail polish! You have an amazing soul and light in your life that helps me stay positive and reminds me to be true to myself. Thank you for being you and keep on shining. 😘🥰😍

- Jennifer Chambers, CPC

I love the detail you put into everything! Your professional writing (Osha Safety and Training Package) allowed us to win the bid for construction in Orlando.  They were so impressed with the outcome. You did an exceptional job. 

- CEO, CB Concrete Company

Marcy Roche
Actress and Professor

"Dr. Mo and Dr Mo's Wisdom Wednesdays Zoom is the best thing that's happened and its a blessing to have during Covid19. It has allowed me to keep the human contact side and empathy with others. Thank you Dr. Mo. Highly recommended :)"

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