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2020 Gave Us Brand New Eyes

This is the first blog collaboration with my wife. It is absolutely refreshing and such a treasure to have a wife who is so intuitive that the minute I started with the statement “2020 gave me new things to feel…” she added to it. Then we added, and added, and this is the result.

2020 gave us new ways to feel,

New emotions to process and better ways to heal.

2020 was demanding in an unexpecting way,

it took a lot for our mental health to stay.

2020 shone the light on relationships that were grey,

no way those humans would be allowed to stay.

2020 gave us brand new sets of eyes,

that made us a little bit more wise.

2020 allowed us to see some people's true intention,

of which we are choosing not to mention.

2020 affected our souls,

we can now pinpoint who was rowing with us, and who was punching holes.

Conversely, 2020 enhanced our love,

surpassing all possibilities and above.

2020 also gave us time,

which is oh so sublime.

So, we focus on what matters. We focus on what we consider to be our individual personal progression and our development together. We focus on the facets of this journey that instills the energy we choose to entertain. We focus on our goals, our dreams, our plans and most of all, we focus on us.

- Writtten by The Grahams (Wes and Mo)

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