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Broken or Bent

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I cannot seem to shake the notion that I belong to a minuscule portion of humans who accept that a broken relationship can mean you can chart an unencumbered existence from what caused the relationship to be broken.

I do not believe that one prescription can work for all and I do not advocate for everyone attempting to fix every relationship that has been strained. Neither do I advocate that you should not. What I hold dearly is that humans should extend respect to the connection they have to another human. Be it friendship, family or spouse/partner. When that relationship is devoid of respect, it's absolutely unimaginable for one to want to continue to participate in it; willingly.

Recently, I was asked if I could discuss on my LIVE feed how to mend broken relationships. It is befitting for someone needing a relationship mended to want steps. However, not all situations are fluid so there cannot be a one size fits all solution or steps to recovery.

One may suggest apologizing and asking for forgiveness. But how many of you realize that these acts require the other party's acceptance? Apologizing may make you feel better, ...that you made an effort, but it is safe to say the definition of that relationship changes to its detriment if the apology is unwanted or unaccepted.

Undoubtedly, in many instances one yearns for resolutions, but in varied cases, one can be better off releasing the desire to rekindle something that has been broken or resurrect something that died.

There is a fragment of a song I love that states,

"...Maybe we are not broken, just bent..."

In the midst of a troubled relationship, there are always humans who will tell you what is best for you to do to mend it, to fix the issue, to come to an agreement, to get close again and to get back to where you were. Its in those times, one needs to determine, how did you get there and if you TRULY need to get back to where you were?

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