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Flying with Untrained Wings

Some people have never been on a plane. While others use a plane as a method of transportation weekly and many fly planes for their pleasure or career. The human to whom I refer to as flying with untrained wings can be included in any of the categories. One's flight can be indicative of one's ability to soar. One's flight can be indicative of ones ability to also just maintain a medium; though not always a happy medium but not necessarily a sad one. It has been said that we should seek out our happiness and there are times when it may seem a bit more difficult.

We find ourselves at times climbing mountains without the right tools, and surfing without a wave and yes, flying with untrained wings. But, those are the times we determine how resilient we are going to become. It is in those heavy moments that you tend to learn your steel strength. The one thing I will guarantee is that you will learn skills in this time, in this season, that will help you another day, and you will be grateful for it. However, for today, just know you are not alone; hold on!

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