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I Hate This ~ For My Mom

I hate how our lives get devalued.

I hate that with one misstep we can be extra vulnerable with no escape.

I hate that our beliefs can keep us away from true happiness and even within that moment, I hate that we lie to ourselves about created truths.

I Hate that you died unhappy.

I Hate that our last conversation was less about hope, but more about your pain.

I hate that our existence is so limited in many cases and our expectations may be too high.

I Hate that we are not out walking, or chatting or laughing or shopping. I hate that you couldn't recover from your regrets, I hate that you were sad, and most of all I hate that you were misunderstood.

I Hate that you are gone, yet now free. I hate that your voice is only a memory. I hate that you didn't know how much you were loved by so many.

I Hate that you sacrificed so much of yourself for others and, I hate that you never basked in your own greatness; greatly.

I Hate the pain of losing you, but what I hate more is knowing that you are gone.

- my mother passed away on December 6th. It has been the hardest emotional experience I have had to this date. But life, goes on.

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