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It is in the eyes...

I was "strolling" through social media this morning with absolutely no agenda. I saw many posts, I saw some comments, I took note of a concert that was happening later, I saw a broadway show that will be in Fort Lauderdale that was listed as a must see, and I guess everything looked as they were supposed to look; on any given Saturday. As I was about to make my departure, and nestle myself back on the sofa under the comforter, I saw a picture of a young lady that grabbed my attention. Her body language was suggesting she was ok, her forced smile told others, I am guessing, that she was elated. Nevertheless, I could see that she was morose; it was in the eyes!

She shared other pictures of herself alongside other individuals, but her face and eyes told a different story then. A story that could be accepted that in that moment, with other individuals, she appeared to be ok. However, in this one picture with this one individual, her face screamed about the hurt she was experiencing. It was supposed to be a joyful event, but there was no joy being displayed as I searched her face. Her eyes told me she was broken; not necessarily unmendable, just broken and feeling helpless. I have seen that look many times on others, and in the past many times in the mirror.

I cannot adequately assess a human based on what I see in their eyes definitively and I cannot know what emotion this human was experiencing at that time, but what I do know is that if you are truly hurt emotionally or carrying pain, or stressed, and it has not been resolved in any way on any level you will carry it in your heart, in your mind, in your energy, in the way you treat others, in your rebuttals, in your moods and most of all in your eyes!

There is an unwavering desire for some humans to manipulate others with their words and their actions and pass it off as i care for you,"and there are other humans whose joy lie in seeing others cower to whatever they present to them as right. I do know that a sadistic human will enjoy knowing that their words and actions hurt others. I also know that it could be someone's masochistic delight to be hurt physically or emotionally; we are entitled to our preferences. What I stand absolutely firm on is this, when you meet or talk to someone, search the eyes. They may be screaming for help. They may be attempting to tell you what is happening with them as subtly as possible.

Suffice it to say I believe that the eyes carry the story the heart is too timid to tell.

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