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A few years ago we became minimalists in a way that would baffle the minds of many. I recall throwing away 8 items a day, then 5, then 3, until at the end of the year we didn't even own a coffee table; intentionally. Things needed, things used, and things that would help others were all separated.

Clutter has a way of bringing down your spirit. We were lightening our merged home, which made us both feel exhilarated. I shared our minimalist behavior with someone today and they expressed such shock. They shared that there were so many items they owned that was in a storage container that they paid for monthly but hadn't visited in years. I couldn't help but think, if you can live without it in your presence for so long, why keep it? As humans we tend to clutter our minds with things we don't need. We hold on to it because we have the storage capacity in our brains. But does that make it the best use of our storage? Can you imagine how much you miss out on by carrying this unnecessary clutter? Can you imagine how much PEACE you could garner by releasing all that... releasing doesn't mean negating occurrences, it means relinquishing your mental load and embracing a level of exhale only few bask in daily.

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