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As a human becoming, I find that I can create my reality more now than I ever imagined at another stage of my life. Everyone is presented with certain fortuitous situations, and they do with it what they choose. Whether they are going to scream it to the universe, act on it or they are going to cower with the idea and not do much about it.

I tend to think our priorities are our drivers in many instances. We are sometimes willing to share what we want to do to who will listen, but the actions depict otherwise. I am adamant about the notion that it all points back to priorities. Making a concerted effort is tied to a visceral desire to achieve a goal or to complete what is promised. Pleasing your wife, pleasing your husband, or boyfriend, making your children happy, getting that promotion, doing 10 push ups a day or just taking out the garbage.

You pay keen attention to the things that matter most to you; its innate! After years and years of talking about it, I finally created my podcast and even if I have one listener, I am so excited about it because I graduated from talking about it to actually doing it a few months ago.

One can argue about not having the time, not having the resources, not having the understanding of what needs to be done or even most popular, not understanding how important it was to your audience. Think about exercising. What makes joggers get up at 5am to run before going to work? What makes working mothers get home, cook dinner, clean up the house, and still do pilates before climbing into bed? What makes a tired firefighter go to his daughter's middle school concert after working an eighteen hour shift? The same thing that makes a husband listen to his wife complain about her work "nemesis" in the south cubicle... PRIORITIES!!

It never always come from a place of ability, it never truly comes from a place of confidence, and it rarely comes from a place of ease, comfort or interest. It 99.9% comes from a place of willingness. Saying, "I do not know what the outcome will be", or "I cannot orchestrate the journey, but it is my goal to get this done, so I am on it," capture the idea that you do not have to be an expert in what you are embarking on, you can be a complete novice, you just need to have the willingness to shoot for it. It cannot be faked, it cannot be directed and it certainly cannot be disguised.

You can be taught a skill, depending on your level of learning, just about any skill. However, no one can teach you WILL! You either have it, (for the direction you state you want to go) or you do not.

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