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Relationship Management

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

One of the four sets of skills of Emotional Intelligence is relationship management. Its significance and value is depicted in how we maintain the different relationships we are blessed to be involved in with other humans. What makes for a successful attempt at relationship management has a lot to do with our perceptions of ourselves and our understanding of others. We are all befitted with a certain set of skills and then we have opportunities to learn others. Prudence would dictate that once one has recognized there is room for improvement in this area, then one should seek to garner those skills.

Additionally, if one recognizes the lack of those emotional intelligence skills in others (empathy, courtesy, self adjustment, conflict resolution) one's awareness should become heightened. Attempting to address it would be like climbing a spiral of stairs with no foreseeable end. In other words, "know your audience." We lose so much of ourselves expecting from others what they are not equipped to express. As you recognize that you are in an unequal EI conversation, relationship or encounter, it behooves you as the human more equipped with those skills, to navigate the social complexities of the situation to achieve successful results.

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