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True Feelings

Its one thing to know your truth, but it is a completely opposite conflict with self to SPEAK your truth. If you are mad, sad, upset, happy, in love, jealous, bothered, content, SAY IT!

Unfortunately, we are taught to contain our true emotions and express what is expected by our audience. We are also taught that we need to fake it to make it. However, if we spend so much time creating facades to disguise our authentic emotions, when does one get to actual digest how one feels?

Amidst work, obligations, and other constraints, why not just say how you truly feel, respectfully to the human who is impacted by that emotion? I find that humans carry around unwarranted emotions that allow them to inadvertently create distance between loved ones. If sincerely evaluated, it is 90% fiction but sitting on the unproductive energy that harnesses elements of morose outcomes tend to bring more validation. So you share quip comments, unsanctioned actions, unsanitary actions and borderline disrespect to your audience who has been nominated as objects of your authored "trauma. "

This is my take, if something jars your equilibrium, just say it. Depending on your audience, your tone, body language, energy and vocabulary will need to be adjusted.

I implore you, for a happier life, Do not transfer your emotion to the other human/s. It is misdirected and unkind. If you are experiencing an emotion, own it, share it and allow yourself to sift through it for its validity. Then ask youself, should everyone be like you, or are humans allowed to be themselves?

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