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We Do Heal

I started writing a book about my memoirs, some poetry and prose. I sometimes think I should be a song writer as there are so many fragments of me that have not been explored.

There are a multiplicity of emotions one experiences in a year, 10 years or 20 years. It's absolutely fascinating what's inside us as humans to unravel.

As I write and reminisce on my yesterdays, I capture great times, exhilarating times, times of comedy, joy, achievement and times of pride. I also recall the times of complications, mistrust, dissatisfaction, disappointment and gross misfortunes. Times I can never get back.

I learned to stop labeling the unwanted morsels as regrets, well as best as possible. I start looking back with positive intent, and not to collate hurt and pain. Someone once said to me that I should not be thinking about the past if it not productive and causes hurt. Though I needed to hear that in that moment, I believe that looking back at a negative stage in your life should elevate you to be in a better place if you are capable of that for you. To allow you to make better choices if at all plausible.

I struggled with human behavior in the past, and I believe writing about it is cathartic. Blocking out negative things that occurred in the past just to act like everything is perfect will make things seem masked but can eventually break you.

We should still believe in the magic of ourselves.

The beauty and resilience within us. Our ability to take sticks and stones and build a house. Use attacks to create escape routes, and turn the hurt projected on us to crawl to a conquered existence.

Can we? With all assurances, can we heal from hurt in the past? We can, for those wondering and uncertain. We will, for those still trying and struggling. We did, for those who have swam through, and still working assiduously to continue to swim upstream.

We do heal, we do heal, hear me, We DO heal!

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