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What does "I'm ok" mean to you?

Have you ever noticed how nonchalant some humans are with their response when asked how they are doing? It's almost instinctive for them to utter, "I'm ok." Conversely, people tend to want to know how much you like an event, a location, an experience as opposed to asking your actual reaction or emotion towards it.

For example, they will ask, "How did you like your visit to the Louvre?"... There is already an assumption that there is a positive experience to discuss. One should recognize that though it may be expected that all is well all the time, its plausible that you may not be experiencing a great moment or emotion, and that is acceptable. Being true to self is one of the most freeing space to be in, for you. Now I'm not suggesting throwing politeness out the door, but rather maintaining the level of transparency that deems the response more so along the lines of "i'm not ok, but i will be" or next time you are asked how did you like a play you didn't enjoy, say "I didn't care for that genre, but thanks for asking"

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