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Why is Fear our Driver?

I oftentimes wonder why we as humans let fear drive. The universe has its way of pointing us in the direction we should go but somehow, we sit in the back seat and allow fear to drive; and we get content. We are certainly not capable of detecting what will or will not happen in a given situation, but sometimes, all we truly need is WILL. Learn the skill, find the path, chart the course, and you need the will to do what you should do. Then, envelop your heart and mind in causeless joy. Today someone said to me, "and if you fail you can always go back" ... my response was "true, but it would depend on what I classify as failure"....

Ultimately, one should set their own limits on failure, success, joy, peace and happiness. Because, a great action movie can make me happy, while, stepping into a haberdashery may make your moments complete. Making an attempt can be a triumph for one person, while achieving mastery in an act could be success to another. Whatever it takes to make you smile and feel wonderful inside; feast on it.

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